Serbian Government Basics

Basics About Serbia’s Government
The general form of government of Serbia is a parliamentary republic. In a parliamentary republic, the leader of the country is elected by the parliament. In Serbia, the President is currently Aleksander Vuvic. He has been the President of Serbia since he was elected by the parliament in 2017. Unlike a democracy, where the people vote for president, in a parliamentary republic the parliament elects the president. As a practical matter, the political party or a coalition of political parties that control the parliament end up selecting the President.
A lot of countries are parliamentary republics, including some of the main countries in Europe like Germany, Poland, Italy, Ireland, and Austria. None of them have exactly the same structure or way that the parliament votes. But they are all similar in the common aspect that the parliament selects the leader of the country, whether the leader is called the president, prime minister, or other name.