Corruption in Serbia

One cannot talk about the Serbian government, at least how it affects doing business in Serbia, without talking about corruption.  Even though Serbia has laws against corruption, corruption cuts through the government and especially in the lower administrative parts of the government.  This corruption makes it very hard for the country to make economic progress because it limits the desirability of countries that have a lot of capital to make investments.  Countries that are more economically developed like the United Kingdom and the United States have laws that make it a crime for their people to pay bribes to foreign government officials.  They go to jail for it.  What happens is that the government officials can make money because the take bribes to make approvals and things go faster but because the wealthier nations have laws against bribery, the economic development of Serbia can’t really come onto the international stage.  This slows development that could help the people of the country.  It also makes it really risky for people from outside of the country to invest in the country unless, such as countries like Russia and China, they do not have strong laws against corruption.